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Label Services & Consulting

Bridging the Gap Between the Music & the Business

The music business is an ever-changing industry that can be hard to navigate as an independent.


I created GARB MGMT to relieve artists of the business burden that a music career brings, working with you to build your professional career. I can help you collect royalties, distribute and analyze your streaming catalog and develop your brand across social channels.


These services paired with your artistic direction will help bring you to the next level while remaining in full control of your art and finances. 





Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Producer

Working with GARB has been one of the best things to happen to my music career. She has expanded my knowledge and reach more than I thought was possible as an independent artist. She is reliable, diligent, passionate, and puts her artists first. She knows how to cater to any style of music and make sure your work is personalized, appealing, registered, and most importantly - up to date across the boards.

GARB is always looking out for her clients and carries our work relationship in a professional manner while also maintaining an empathetic ear and mind to what the artist needs. I highly recommend Garb as a manager or being hired for whatever details you need attended to for your music career. She’s an Independent artist’s dream team!”

Michael Reiber
Cypher Podcast

"Working with Garb Management was the jumpstart that Cypher needed.  Garb offered thoughtful ideas and solutions for brand building at Cypher’s earliest stages and helped build the foundation for our show. 

Dynamic and authentic with clients, Garb provided a space to work that allowed for open conversation, well-received feedback and the ability to pivot when needed.”

John Snyder
Grammy-Award Winning Producer

"If I were an independent artist who needed advice about which distribution platform was best for me, how to market my music more effectively, how to post it correctly to the streaming platforms, how and why to register with the PROs, how to register my song and sound recording copyrights, and how and why to set up my LLCs, I'd stand in line to get the attention of the GARB Management team.


Fair, conscientious, honest, professional, kind, and experienced, GARB aims to help those starting out as well as those who've already screwed it up.  Get it right, get GARB."

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